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Organic Les Fines Bulles Rosé de Touraine

Traditional method elaborated from a blend of grape varieties used for the elaboration of rosés. Freshness and fruitiness are sought after for this wine.


Grape variety 


 Gamay - Cabernet franc

on duty

Between 8° and 10° C

Food pairings
and wines




BIO Fines Bulles Rosé - A festive and elegant vintage !

Gentle pressing for the grape varieties concerned, fermentation at low temperature for one month followed by maturation on lees, then blending. After foaming, storage in tuffeau cellars for a minimum of 12 months before disgorging.

Fine mousse and bubbles, the mouth is fruity and refreshing.

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The Fine Bubbles of Touraine

Traditional method elaborated from the Chenin grape variety, it combines freshness and ripe fruit. Finesse and aromatic complexity for this vintage

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Organic Pétillant Naturel

Au gré du vent is a natural sparkling wine elaborated from the Chenin grape variety, fresh, fruity and fine for this natural sparkling wine.

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