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Organic Touraine Red Gamay 

Greedy and aromatic. A beautiful red colour with purple highlights and a fruity taste in the mouth. A perfect wine for all occasions!


Grape variety 



on duty

Between 18 ° and 20 °

Food pairings
and wines




Meal: red meat and poultry. 

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Touraine red Gamay Organic, the wine for all occasions!

Domaine de l'Aumonier makes an art of winemaking. To bring our Touraine red Gamay to your table, we carry out a meticulous selection, then we proceed to a semi-carbonic maceration lasting 4 to 6 days at a controlled temperature (28° max), two pump-overs per day for a good extraction of the colour, the alcoholic fermentation is finished at 20° and the malolactic fermentation is carried out next. The result is a young, light and fruity wine to be enjoyed on any occasion!

This wine is a beautiful deep red colour. It opens with notes of red fruit; strawberry, raspberry and cherry. The attack is supple and fresh, the fruit is ripe and intense. A supple and peppery finish.

Certified AB by Ecocert FR- BIO -01. 

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Discover the organic red wines of Domaine de l'Aumonier

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