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Cuvée Quesaco, Organic Touraine red

Promising grape varieties... Malbec and Cabernet Franc for this blend. A beautiful deep red colour, aromas of fresh fruit and roundness characterise our Cuvée Louis.


Grape variety 


Pineau d'Aunis

on duty

Between 18 ° and 20 °

Food pairings
and wines

During the aperitif and the meal: tapas, white meats and poultry.

quésaco cor cor.jpg

Touraine red Quesaco 2018, a Pineau d'Aunis grape variety

Made from old vines, the Quesaco vintage has been elaborated for a few years from the Pineau d'Aunis grape variety.

A wine with red and black fruit aromas, it develops more or less, depending on the vintage, with notes of thyme, pepper and pine. The mouth combines a beautiful freshness and a very ripe fruit.

Certified AB by Ecocert FR- BIO -01.

Domaine de l'Aumonier099.jpg

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Cuvée Gamay

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touraine loire rouge cor cor.jpg

Cuvée Louis

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acolyte def def.jpg


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touraine rosé cor cor.jpg

Touraine Rosé

A thirsty rosé, a friend's wine, a pleasure to share!

 Fruity and fresh for this vintage. A wine full of greed.

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