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Little story ...
It is in 1996 that Sophie and Thierry  give birth to the "Domaine de l'Aumonier". A very symbolic name since the vines of Sophie's grandparents were the first to be exploited by the young couple. Starting from nothing, they started the operation with ten hectares bought from retired winegrowers; no work tool, no clientele and few means, but with a common desire and the know-how of Thierry, rich in 6 years of experience on a farm in Mareuil sur Cher as head of culture, and with the experience of its elders, winegrowers for several generations ...

Punctuated Milestones of ...

1996 - Installation

1997 - It is the construction of a first winemaking and storage cellar. The farm then has 12 hectares and a vine employee.

1998 - Transition from 12 to 32 hectares of vines with the takeover of 20 hectares in the town of Mareuil sur Cher and an employee.

2002 - Purchase of 9 hectares in Couffy, the operation increases to 40 hectares and has 4 vineyard employees.
Expansion of the cellar.

2003 - Purchase of 6 hectares in the commune of Couffy.
The estate has 3 full-time vineyard workers and 2 occasional vineyard workers.

2015 - Purchase of 8 hectares in the town of Seigy

2016 - 20 years anniversary 

Restructuring of the vineyard and reorganization.

2019 - 35 hectares in production in 3 municipalities  

Our choice : Organic farming


"Our ambition has always been to produce "high quality" wines taste and environmental.
Always very admiring and attentive to respectful production methods and limiting their impact on our  environment, we decided quite naturally in 2003 to join this approach, and initially at our own pace. "

Gradually, soil cultivation is generalized

Pesticides and insecticides are replaced by  some products  labeled in organic cultivation.


2006 Our Commitment and Satisfaction


2006 was marked by the formalization of our approach. We are starting our official conversion to Organic farming with a certification : ECOCERT.
2021 Since this year we have been running the vineyard in Biodynamics
"For 25 years,we have worked daily to cultivate our vines, with reason, prudence and respect. We hope that the spirit, energy and pleasure that emanate from each of our cuvées will delight you and allow you a moment of pleasure, sharing and conviviality"
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